Your Life School is HOW You Operate

Your Life School is HOW You Operate

This is article two in a 4-part series about your “Soul’s Agenda” as identified in your fingerprints.

Your “Soul’s Agenda” is what your soul came to Earth to accomplish, ideally with the cooperation of your personality. Sadly, some folks never know what their soul came here to do… but not YOU!

Your Soul’s Agenda has three parts:

Your Life School, Your Life Purpose and Your Life Lesson.

Today, let’s talk about your Life School.

There are 4 schools, based upon the 4 types of fingerprint patterns.

(To see the 4 types of fingerprints, go HERE to see article one in this series.)

Your Life School is your spiritual operating system here on Earth.

Imagine it as your Spiritual Training Program, designed to help you learn the skills you will need to fulfill your Life Purpose (BIG WHY) and grow through your Life Lesson (blind spot).

Here are short descriptions of each Life School and the skills these schools develop:

  • School of Service (Whorl fingerprint pattern – need 3 to qualify):
    • Designed to develop your ability to be of service
    • Your challenge is to CHOOSE service vs. falling into burdensome obligation or avoiding it altogether and wallowing in self-indulgence
  • School of Love (Loop fingerprint pattern – need 7 to qualify):
    • Designed to develop your emotional clarity, self-acceptance and self-love
    • Emotional authenticity vs. emotional outbursts or stuffing feelings
  • School of Wisdom (Tented Arch fingerprint pattern – need 1 to qualify):
    • Designed to develop your ability to use what you know
    • Decisive action vs. reckless action (and anxiety) or fence-sitting (and anxiety)
  • School of Peace (Arch fingerprint pattern – need 1 to qualify):
    • Designed to develop your ability experience safety in your body and on the planet
    • Inner peace vs. panic or paralysis

Whereas someone in the School of Peace can see every snafu as an emergency, the person in the School of Service wants to please divinity and has unreasonable expectations of their performance and of the performance of others. They are perfectionists. Imagine if you are in both schools! You panic about your ability (or inability) to be perfect and please the heavens!

For folks in the School of Love, relationships matter most and closeness is everything. Their life is made or broken based upon the quality of their relationships. If you are in the School of Love (the most common Life School), you must learn to honor your feelings, allow your emotional wave to pass through BEFORE making important decisions, and be very discerning in who you allow in emotionally. Making choices from fear of loss of love can lead to unhealthy dependencies and the potential for being used by those who want to take advantage of your overly-generous, people-pleasing capacities.

If you are in the School of Wisdom, the most rare Life School, you are here to use your executive and strategic abilities to create order, solutions and innovations. It’s important you use your leadership abilities effectively and your enormous fiery creativity for the highest good. If you wait too long, valuable opportunities may pass you by. Wisdom is knowledge in action.

In the next article in this 4-part series, I’m going to share with you how to make your blindspot (your Life Lesson), your ally and supporter.

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