your blindspot is your ally

your blindspot is your ally

In your fingerprints lives what is known as your “Soul’s Agenda.”

There are three components to your soul’s agenda: Your Life School, Your Life Purpose and Your Life Lesson.

In this article, part three in a 4-part series, we are going to explore your “Life Lesson” – also known as your blindspot – and how it interacts with your Life School.

Life Lessons can range from low self-worth to trust issues to family issues.

Let me give you an example from my own life. I’m going to combine what we’ve explored in previous articles about Life Schools with my particular Life Lesson. (To read the two previous articles in this series, go HERE.)

I’m in the School of Love. In the School of Love, relationships and closeness matter most. The key to happy relationships is being okay with your full wave of emotions, riding those emotions fully without judgment and coming to place of emotional clarity BEFORE committing to anyone or anything.

The ability to embrace all your emotional parts – shame, guilt, hurt, rage, sadness, joy, ecstasy – without rashly acting on them in the moment takes emotional practice. Self-love is the result of accepting all of your emotions and recognizing that suppressing them or barfing them onto others is not emotional health.

The ability to go into your own space, feel your feelings, come to clarity and then communicate to another is a great win. When you are clear in the moment emotionally – especially when feeling anger or love – attempt to express it with “I feel __________” statements. This allows you take ownership for your feelings.

People don’t make us feel things – they awaken feelings within us. Our awakened feelings let us know if we are emotionally safe with a person or in a situation – or not.

Emotional safety is an inside job.

Now, my blindspot, or Life Lesson, is about power issues. Personal power issues and power in the world issues. What is being asked for is that I own my power and stand fully in it.

As I reflect on my life, I see where I have given my power away (Life Lesson) in personal relationships (School of Love). Because I wanted to be loved and felt I had to rearrange my feelings to receive this love, I became distanced from what I was really feeling. This led to situations that were unhealthy, co-dependent or worse. I allowed people to yell at me, criticize me and hurt me. I stayed too long in many dynamics, both with partners and at work, thinking it was my fault – “if only I tried harder” – I could make the boundary violations stop.

The social conditioning of “relationships take work” can be very misconstrued by someone in the School of Love. What is the limit? How do you know when ‘enough is enough?’

What did I discover?

In setting boundaries with people who wanted to take advantage of me, or had an agenda or were just plain ole liars, I found confidence in my ability to honor myself and my power. My boundaries became stronger. In this act of self-love, I now attract amazing people in all areas of my life. These people are kind and compassionate. Like me, they feel that yelling at someone is verbal abuse and they find ways to communicate their needs and desires to me in a way I can hear and understand. I am able to do the same in return.

My Life Lesson requires me to honor my boundaries so I can stay in my power and experience self-respect. This self-respect attracts other self-respecting individuals.

It is true that we teach others how to treat us by the way we treat ourselves. In making my fear of not being liked my teacher, I am now willing to be disliked so that I stay respectful of me.

Whatever your Life Lesson happens to be, it provides you with an opportunity to grow more fully into your true self. You will continue to be given tests by life to see how well you are paying attention.

Knowing your Soul’s Agenda isn’t a promise of becoming rich or famous. Knowing your Soul’s Agenda is an opportunity to develop your AWARENESS. Awareness is what heals and transforms.

In the final part of this 4-part article series, we will discuss your “Life Purpose Statement” and how to monetize your Life Purpose. Stay tuned!

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