An Exclusive Invitation to Spiritually-Oriented Women and Men in Business and the Healing Arts Who Feel a Deep Sense of Longing to Discover Their Spiritual Purpose Yet Find Themselves Stuck in Marital and/or Career Agony, Desperate to Know “What's Next?!”

“Give Us Just 4 Days and We'll Help You Discover and Unleash The Proven, Scientific Life Purpose Blueprint™ In Your Own Hands So You Can Dissolve the Stagnation Holding You Back From Realizing Your Full Potential and Know That NEXT Important STEP for Your Life Purpose with Crystal Clarity!”

Plus We'll Show You How To “MONETIZE YOUR PURPOSE as an Additional Revenue Stream OR as a Stand-Alone Business!

WATCH THIS testimony from one of Baeth’s star clients to find out what this training is about and how it could change your life forever!

“An Invitation from Baeth...”

Please join Baeth for her unique Level I: “Discover Your Purpose” Hand Analysis Training in sunny, warm Los Angeles, California, Thursday - Sunday, July 26 - July 29, 2018

An invitation to you, the spiritually-oriented woman in business and/or the healing arts...

If you are on this page – you and I are probably a lot alike.

You've “succeeded” in many ways. You have a lot of options.

YET – something is “off”. You hurt deep inside... knowing you haven't quite heard your soul's calling.

Worse, you may be suffering either career boredom, intimate relationship breakdown or both!

Soul SATISFACTION is missing.

And I will help you find it, claim it and OWN your soul's calling, 100% - guaranteed!

What if I told you...
... your soul's calling, your personal design, is literally in the palms of your hands.
No, this is not fortune telling. It's not a fantasy.

It's science. Backed up by hundreds of thousands of hands decoded and read.

Imagine what can happen for you when your PERSONAL DESIGN is revealed in MINUTES—literally!

Many clients have said to us, “Baeth, this work has saved me 10 years of therapy and thousands of dollars in searching. A map to my life in the palms of my hands — imagine that!”

NOW, imagine giving this gift not only to yourself, but to your treasured, beloved clients and family members. Imagine the clarity, speed, joy and expansion that can happen for them when they immediately understand WHY they are on the planet and WHAT to do about it.

AND imagine how good you're going to look in their eyes for having this ‘magical power’ of clarity and how good you're going to feel helping your clients make rapid progress forward.

Additionally, hand analysis is a respected skill that can earn you anywhere between $150 and $1500 per session depending upon your skill level and confidence! (We'll help you with BOTH skill AND confidence at this unique, life-changing training.)

Who This Unique Training Is For

  • … YOU if you don't care about discovering how to read the hands of others, but want to KNOW YOUR OWN PERSONAL DESIGN in the palms of your hands so you can step into your purpose and your spiritual gifts. You will discover so much richness about yourself, you're going to want to kiss yourself!
  • … YOU if you would love to discover your “Personal Design” and also help your clients. This training will give you a life-long skill that will not only make you the hit of the party anywhere you go, you will possess the POWER to quickly CHANGE LIVES FOR THE BETTER!

We believe there is nothing more important than
knowing and living your Personal Design.
Really―what could be more important than that?!!!

In our four days together, we’ll explore these transformational concepts and tools:

  • Your Thumb: The KEY To Manifestation
  • The 4-D Manifestation Process for FASTER Manifestation of your personal and professional goals
  • Fingerprint I.D.: Home of Your Personal Design and the Life Purpose Blueprint
  • Decoding The Life Schools: Peace, Wisdom, Love, Service
  • Decoding the Life Lessons
  • Decoding the Life Purposes
  • Adding Hand Analysis as a revenue stream to your current business (optional!)
  • Creating a FRESH, NEW stand-alone business using Hand Analysis (and Your Life Purpose!)
  • Support going forward: How the ‘Baeth’ Team will continue to guide and support you every step of the way!
  • Support for you if you've already taken this training and would like to deepen your learning.

Rachel Resnick, Writers On Fire

“Experiencing Baeth in an intimate group is fiery, fierce, fun AND fundamental. The way you narratively and financially re-frame people's businesses, and pinpoint their purpose through their hands -- plus your powerhouse intuition -- is nothing short of astonishing.

And, it's priceless. Bow down. Am feeling the shift…and the possibility in my hands. And [my] being...”

Melissa Kirk, now a certified hand analysis teacher and Baeth’s co-teacher for this unique event:

It was an amazing experience to uncover so many things about myself and the people I know and love.  I find it so much fun using the training materials to validate the things I already knew about some people, as well as discovering new things about some of these folks. To all that have received hand readings from me so far - this work opens the doors to pure joy!  I discovered so much from Baeth's training that I have read over 100 hands now and have made back more than my investment in her program in just 3 months!!! After taking this course, I went on to become a certified hand analyst and teacher. I would recommend this intensive to anyone who wants to develop a career or a hobby or just for self-discovery. The information is accurate and profound and Baeth is eloquent at delivering the information in an easy-to-understand manner.”

Michelle Dawnn,

"Baeth Davis will literally knock your socks off with her knowledge and exceptional hand reading skills! I had come to a place in my life where I needed validation that I was heading in the right direction, that my career choice was aligned with my purpose and that my intuitive thoughts where serving me well. After one session with Baeth, my whole out attitude and perspective about my life choices had drastically changed for the better. It was like talking to an old friend who had known me for years and understood each aspect of my life.

I was fascinated by how much she knew about me and how masterful she was at guiding me to make clear choices and take positive action. She knew nothing about me—yet in a matter of seconds, she confirmed who I am on the inside and out. I've since had a second session and once again, she was right on the money and the reading was extremely relevant to what's going on in my life right now! Do take this opportunity to connect with Baeth as she lovingly helps you embrace your natural born gifts so you can live a more joyful and purposeful life. Being connected to such a divinely connected soul has been a true blessing. I'm hooked and know you will be too! "

Here Is Our Curriculum Together:

Module 1: Your Thumb =
The Gateway To Manifestation


We have ‘opposable thumbs.’ We ‘oppose’ our environment to get results. Just imagine trying to get ready for work in the morning without the use of your thumbs. What would normally take you minutes would take hours.

The thumb is such a profound source of personal knowledge that an entire reading can be done for a person just from their thumb. Your thumbs are your gateways to material manifestation in the world.

Join us as we discover these ‘thumb’ attributes:

  • How the thumb reveals a 4-Step Manifestation Process: Dream-Declare-Design-Do It!
  • A thumb that manifests with ease
  • A thumb that must work hard for results
  • Anxious, bullying, tactful, and willful thumb profiles
  • Gift markers in the thumbs: Are you psychic? Do you have a gifted voice?
  • … and so much more!


Module 2: Fingerprint Identification
The SOURCE of Your Life Purpose

There are four (4) primary fingerprint types:

  •     Arch
  •     Tented Arch
  •     Loop
  •     Whorl

These fingerprints can stand alone on a fingertip and sometimes appear in combination. Before you can discover the Life School, Life Lesson or Life Purpose in your hands, you MUST know what you are seeing.

The fingerprints are KEY to unraveling the mysteries of your Life Purpose Blueprint™ and your “Personal Design.”

We’ve found a very direct and simple approach to fingerprint identification that makes it easy, fun and enlightening for you. We begin here – before you know exactly what the prints ‘mean’ so that you are unbiased and can learn the decoding easily. We’ll provide you with a light-up magnifying glass in order to facilitate your discoveries.


Module 3: Life School

Your Life School is your foundation, your spiritual boot camp. Here is where you begin and end your learning, 24/7. Your Life School could be:

  • Peace
  • Wisdom
  • Love
  • Service
  • or a combination of schools.

Your Life School puts you through trial and error experiences to prepare you for the TESTS of your Life Lesson and the REWARDS of your Life Purpose. The more skilled you are in dealing with your own blueprint, the more successfully you can navigate and ENJOY your life. You also are able to do this for your clients because once you know this information consciously, you can’t un-know it. It is a deep, abiding aspect of your soul that now demands your attention, love and enthusiasm.

Module 4: Life Lesson

The hands reveal many possible Life Lessons.  Imagine being able to know – once and for all – your own BLIND SPOT – and then being able to point this out to your clients. How much time will this save them? What reduction in confusion, suffering, misery and self-inflicted pain?

Paradoxically, your biggest TEST is your greatest TEACHER. Your Life Lesson is the KEY to your hands and the KEY to your life. It makes it possible to move forward with EASE and CLARITY when you open-heartedly embrace the challenges your Life Lesson throws your way – without resistance. As Joseph Campbell said, “What we resist, persists.”

By opening to the challenge of our Life Lesson, we grow, change and evolve with grace, humility and potency. We become the solution we seek.

Friction is necessary in nature. Friction is what makes motion possible and increases our physical strength. Without friction, all is lax, flaccid, stagnant. Your Life Lesson stirs things up, to keep you moving, evolving, transforming.

Ultimately, your Life Lesson is designed to help you evolve so you can assist in the EVOLUTION of the UNIVERSE. THAT is why you are here – to know yourself and your full potential through meeting your edge, day after day after day and finding how truly awe-inspiring you are.

Some of the possible Life Lessons from the fingerprints include:

  • Failure/Frustration/Incompletion Issues
  • Powerlessness/Helpless Overwhelm/”I’m Trapped” Issues
  • Self-Worth/Integrity/Money Issues
  • Apathy/Creativity Block Issues
  • Mute/Difficulty Speaking Up For One’s Self Issues
  • Family and Community Out of Sync Issues
  • Victimization/Shame/Numbness Issues
  • Self-Worth/Guilt/”What’s My Niche?” Issues
  • Paralyzing Fear of Rejection Issues
  • Trust/Surrender/Intimacy Issues

Come discover your own Life Lesson and then watch your life experience TRANSFORM.

The Life Lesson will help you:

  • Understand your repeating patterns and TRIGGERS (and that of your clients) and how to manage them
  • Discover that the thing you struggle with is actually the CORE teaching you offer in your business and your life. It is the WAY THROUGH to what you most desire – to your SATISFACTION!
  • Move yourself to your edge so you can amaze yourself with your courage, insight and talent
  • Develop more conscious, rich, intimate relationships with the people in your life
  • Stop sabotaging yourself
  • Move forward with validation, permission, confidence, clarity and conviction while releasing your stagnation
  • And so much more! (Of course, as there is ALWAYS more!)

Module 5: Life Purpose

The hands reveal many possible Life Purposes.  Your Life Purpose is your sacred contract, the agreement you made when you came to Earth to fulfill your destiny and advance the evolution of the Universe. It’s THAT important!

While your Life Purpose is what comes easiest to you, it’s also the hardest thing to express. The Life Purpose is at the top of the pyramid―the penthouse suite. It’s the pinnacle, the zenith of your true potency and achievement. If living your Life Purpose were e-a-s-y, everyone would be doing it. Living your Life Purpose will require every bit of commitment, compassion, focus, joy and courage you have. It IS why you are here.

By saying “YES” to your Life Purpose with full conviction and enthusiasm, you give divine inspiration permission to show up every day in your life. Colors truly do become brighter. All your senses are heightened. You wake up each morning knowing that YOU matter and the work you do in the world matters. By living your highest calling, you give others permission to do the same. By fulfilling your soul’s agenda, you complete the contract you made when you incarnated here on Earth.

Some of the possible Life Purposes from the fingerprints include:

  • Success/Completion/”The Doer”
  • Leader/Visionary/Entrepreneur
  • Money/Integrity/Business
  • Creative Expression in the Spotlight
  • Author/Speaker with a Message to Deliver
  • Family and Community in Sync
  • Live Your Passions
  • Mentor/Coach/Spiritual Teacher
  • Innovator/Maverick/Master Craftsperson
  • Healer/Inspirational Communicator

Come discover your own Life Purpose and then step into your dream life.

The Life Purpose will help you:

  • KNOW exactly WHY you are here on the planet
  • Find your unique passions and joy!
  • Align your work and revenue streams with your Soul’s Calling
  • Wake up each day ready to embrace your life!
  • Bring order to your past history and future goals
  • Show your clients a clear path to their own success
  • Gain the clarity and vision you’ve always known was inside you

Module 6: Using Hand Analysis in Your
Business or As a Stand-Alone Business

For the second portion of our “Your Purpose” Training, we’ll explore how to integrate hand analysis into your existing business for an additional revenue stream or as a stand-alone business.

This is what we’ll cover:

  • Your NICHE. You possess a specialty that shapes what kind of clients you attract and how you help these clients. We'll determine your specific ‘niche’ and tie this in with your current business.
  • Attracting Your IDEAL Clients. Once we’ve identified your niche, we’ll determine WHERE to find your ideal clients.
  • Your Marketing Message. We will provide you with web copy and a simple sales process to make attracting and servicing your ideal clients easy-peasey.
  • Determine Your Packages and Pricing. Using a simple formula, we’ll find your best package offerings and pricing for your clients. (Many folks needlessly get hung up on “what to charge.”)
  • Expanding Your Hand Analysis Offerings. As you grow more skilled as a hand analyst, you may find you want to offer hand analysis in forms other than just individual sessions. We’ll look at various ways you can present and deliver hand analysis as the “Ultimate Coaching Tool™” for your clients.

Hand Analysis “Certification”

If you choose the  optional “certification” process at this intensive, you will have the opportunity to become certified as a hand analyst.

All details and options regarding this continuing education opportunity will be shared with you at the live event. It’s essential for you to get a taste of the “Ultimate Coaching Tool™” before deepening your commitment to this transformational work. You are completely AT CHOICE in terms of how far you want to pursue this amazing path of discovery.

Why you want to attend this training with Baeth...

I‘ve personally (and joyfully!) read over 7500 pairs of hands. I have a global reach of over 35,000 people and growing. I‘ve been in business for 18 years and can SAVE YOU A WORLD OF PAIN by helping you avoid many of the mistakes I‘ve made. I‘m also the world‘s highest paid hand analyst and business mentoring clients pay me upwards of $50,000 for private mentoring.

I‘ve also learned a lot about value, pricing, and getting paid what you are worth. I love what money can do to create freedom and allow for deep creative satisfaction in your life. It would be my honor to help you discover your Life Purpose at a new level and step into your purpose-full global leadership with passion, power AND profit.

Before finding hand analysis, I was deeply depressed and stuck in hell in my corporate career. Let me help you escape your own internal barriers and step into the life your soul is crying out for.

Our Guarantee

If, at the end of the first day, you are not satisfied with all you are receiving, quietly turn in your registration materials for a full refund,
no questions asked. Otherwise, there are no refunds, transfers or credits.

Register NOW!

1 Pay
1 payment of $2,997 $2497 (until July 15th, 2018)

5 Pay
5 payments of $618.80 $518.80
(*$97 service charge for financing plan. Offer available until July 15th, 2018.)

If you've attended any previous 2001 - 2017 Level I or Level II Training with us … you are invited to join us for this 4-day training for ONLY $697. We HIGHLY recommend re-taking this course to reinforce your previous learning as well as to consider the certification option.


Hotel & Travel Info

The event is being hosted at a private home in Venice, California.
(about 20 minutes from LAX – Los Angeles International – Airport).

Please join Baeth for her unique Level I: “Discover Your Purpose” Hand Analysis Training in sunny, warm Los Angeles, California, Thursday - Sunday, July 26 - July 29, 2018

SPACE LIMITED to 15 Participants!

What People are Saying:


1 Pay
1 payment of $2,997 $2497 (until July 15th, 2018)

5 Pay
5 payments of $618.80 $518.80
(*$97 service charge for financing plan. Offer available until July 15th, 2018.)