I feel a Money RANT coming on

I feel a Money RANT coming on

It seems my propensity to rant is encouraged. Friends and clients ask for them… and sometimes, the rant comes towards me and out of me like a bullet train.

Today my rant is about “monetizing your Life Purpose.”

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This rant, ahem, article is part four in a 4-part series on your “Soul’s Agenda.”

There are three components to your soul’s agenda:

Your Life School, Your Life Purpose and Your Life Lesson.

(You can the previous articles on your Life School and Life Lesson by going to my blog HERE.)

In the simplest of terms, your specific Life Purpose can be found in your fingerprints. Let’s say your Life Purpose is Spiritual Teacher and Business Owner in the Spotlight.

In order to have your life flow, it’s essential as a Spiritual Teacher that you are helping people find their core identity – in other words, their Life Purpose. As a Business Owner – you need to deliver transformational value in exchange for payment to your clients. “In the Spotlight” means you need to be seen by an audience – you have to be “out there” in the world and not hiding behind your computer (and your fears of rejection). Easy, right?

After discovering one’s life purpose, I’m often asked, “But Baeth, how do I make money?”

Ah, how to monetize your BIG WHY, your Life Purpose?

I suppose it’s a reasonable question.

However, it’s not a complete question.

A better question would be, “How do I make money delivering tremendous value?” Or, “What value will I deliver in exchange for payment?”

I find it curious that people seem to spend a lot of time obsessed and worried about money and yet, many don’t have much of it. You’d think if you put that much time and energy into something – you would be great at it, right?

When I first noticed I was worrying about money, I began digging into where this worry came from. Turns out, it wasn’t my worry.

Instead, “money worries” have resulted from thousands of years of conditioning to coerce you into thinking and acting like a slave.

A slave to your job, to time, to the opinions of others.

Now, why would this be and who does it benefit?

When things don’t make sense, I like to ask, “Who benefits from this?” Um, Pharaohs, despots, mega-corporations who now have “individual” rights… oh don’t get me started… oh, I already am.

So people work long hours for low pay and struggle to pay their bills. Or people make lots of money and hoard it and worry about losing it. Same issue.

SCARCITY consciousness.

‘Scarcity’ is not the same as ‘rare.’ You want to be rare – talented, masterful, the best in your field. Yes, that is desirable.

Scarcity, not so much.

Instead of asking, “How will I make money?”

Ask, “How will I make value?”

Replace the word “money” with “value” and notice the shift you feel. This one little habit can begin to move your mind into abundance consciousness.

“I need more money” becomes “I need more value.”

“If only I had more value, then I could do what I want with my life.”

Money, received honestly, comes from delivering value – whether you are planting a garden, cooking a meal or coaching a client.

Money comes AFTER you deliver the value. If you are working too hard for too little, it’s up to you to deliver MORE VALUE which means you need to increase your value with skills that others seek out.

I realize this should be obvious. But if you really wanted more money, you would have a goal you are working towards to be great at something, to deliver massive value and go above and beyond to help your clients solve their problems. (And this does require confidence and self-trust – that’s another article in of itself. As is the idea of “hard work.” No, I don’t like hard work. I like working. I LOVE working. When I’m working, time passes rapidly with joy because I LOVE what I’m doing. When you are aligned, work flows with joy. It is not HARD! Hard work is digging ditches, laying pipe, picking cotton. There are machines for that now.)

Unless you live in a third world country, you must look inside and ask yourself, “Why am I not learning everything I can to improve my skills so I can bring more value to my clients?”

Also, when I realized, years ago, I had this weird “money worry” habit, I started taking classes on sales and marketing. I started reading books on how to invest and I started saving money. I also invested large sums in mentoring support and spiritual and coaching training to deliver more value to my clients. The whole cycle feeds success and obliterates worry.

A dear friend of mine is a chef. His goal is to be a masterful chef and open his own restaurant. He wrote me yesterday to tell me he’s gone back to school to get his B.S. in Culinary Management. He said, “I want to learn as much as I can so my dream is a success. I love cooking and want to share that with others.”

When you read that do you worry he will fail or do you sense he will be successful? I have no doubt he will have a successful restaurant (or two or three) because he’s figured out that to be successful, you must deliver value – and the only way to do that is to increase your PERSONAL VALUE.

When you increase your personal value, it’s yours. No one can take it away from you. When I see people struggling, I realize they need support…

…and they also need to find the will to learn what they need to learn to break free. This can take incredible will and determination. If it were ‘easy,’ well, everyone would be free and abundant.

Please understand that when I rant like this, I am addressing the able-bodied, independent people of the world. Poverty is something else entirely. As Larry Winget says, “Poor and broke are different.” ‘Poor’ is the result of harsh environmental conditions you can rarely control and ‘broke’ is a choice.

I’m speaking to the broke people of the world. You are broke and all the information and resources are there for you to change that. You may have lots of money but feel broke spiritually. The information and resources are there to change that as well. There is so much support everywhere, it’s kind of astounding. Whether you have a drinking problem, a debt problem, a drug problem, a spouse problem – there is help.

In the same way, if you are continually struggling with “money” – how about putting your focus on increasing your value?

You can increase your value and the value you deliver in so many ways – most of which won’t cost you more than a few dollars:

* Read important news and non-fiction books daily

* Cancel your cable TV subscription and use your TV show time to learn

* Give away or sell all the stuff you don’t use – yes, ALL of it!

* Make kindness and compassion among your top values

* Get to know the names of the people around you wherever you may be – your postal delivery person, the janitor at your school or building, your neighbors

* Write five thank-you notes every week – by hand (not Facebook or email)

* Take a walk a couple of days a week

* Volunteer a few hours a month

* Donate money to charity on a monthly basis – especially if you feel you “can’t afford it”

* Pick three activities you want to MASTER in your life and set about determining what it will take to master them: playing the piano, speaking a foreign language, flying a plane, investing money, etc.

* Figure out why you are unhappy, addicted, depressed or whatever else ails you and find professional support to release the pain

* Make a choice to be the light in the lives of others, rather than the complainer. I’ve removed all the complainers from my life. Who’s got time for that?

* Pursue one hobby you’ve been putting off

* Write down 10 ways you can generate cash today

* IRS problems? Call them and work out a payment plan. They will work it out with you.

* Family problems? Decide to heal them or walk away. There is no point in carrying on family drama.

* Think about three things you love doing. Then write out how you might be paid for doing these three things. Hey, I love ranting and writing and teaching. I do all of these things in my business now and I’m paid for it. It’s taken me 20 years but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

* Know that all success takes time. This idea that you are going to “make a million dollars” your first couple years in business is only probable if you have a big vision and lots of financing. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but it happens so rarely, I don’t think it’s a useful benchmark. Instead, find an income number that feels do-able but is a stretch and then get with your business mentor or business mastermind group and map out a plan to make it happen. Find someone to stay on you so you are accountable to your plan.

* Or accept that you aren’t willing to do what it takes to turn your financial situation around and stop worrying about it. I mean, you’ve made it this far. “Worry” is telling us what needs to be handled… that’s why we “worry.” Worrying in of itself solves nothing.

Or, go to debtors anonymous, clean it up and get on with it. The world is waiting for YOU to deliver the VALUE ONLY YOU can deliver!


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