“Discover the 7 Love Styles – In Your Hands!”

Pictured: Baeth with her love, J.
He has a “Pure Heart” heart line on one of his hands.
This type of heart line is very rare.

LIVE Heart Lines Training with Baeth on Zoom webinar

Discover the 7 Love Styles and which one is yours!

Are you:

  • Intense?
  • a Pure Heart?
  • a Hermit?
  • a Romantic Idealist?
  • a Passionate?
  • a Big Heart?
  • a Multi-Type Hybrid?

The way you give and receive love may or may not be the same as the important people in your life.

So many relationship problems – communication breakdown, intimacy avoidance, and fighting, fighting, fighting – can be resolved and even avoided by understanding how you love and how those around you love (or don’t love, as the case may be. Sigh.)

I’m offering a LIVE, 3-part training for you to discover your heart lines as well as learn about the other types so you can become a “heart line expert.”

The first two classes will explore the 7 heart line types and then we will explore compatibility between the heart line types.

You also earn a badge toward hand analysis certification. Once you collect all the badges (there are approximately 15 in total – we may add additional classes in the coming year), you have the opportunity to become a certified hand analyst!

Webinar #1 ~ We start Monday, Feb. 11th from 10 am to Noon.

Webinar #2 ~ We continue our exploration of the 7 love styles and how
YOUR love styles impact your relationships!

Wednesday, February 27th from 5 pm to 7 pm Pacific

Webinar #3 ~ Heart Lines, Part 3: Your Heart Line “Matches”
What heart styles do you blend with? Clash with?
Crave? Join us and find out!

We’ll also explore the additional heart line markings – such as dangling angers, flirtatiousness, isolation, betrayal, and more!

Wednesday, March 6th from 5 pm to 7 pm Pacific

*All webinars will be recorded and posted in our online school.
You will have access within one week of the initial class to review
all the material so you can be prepared before Webinar #2.