Heart Lines Training

Welcome to Heart Lines Training, .

The way you give and receive love may or may not be the same as the important people in your life.

So many relationship problems – communication breakdown, intimacy avoidance, and fighting, fighting, fighting – can be resolved and even avoided by understanding how you love and how those around you love (or don’t love, as the case may be. Sigh.)

This 3-part training is designed for you to discover your heart lines as well as learn about the other types so you can become a “heart line expert.”

The first two classes will explore the 7 heart line types and then we explore compatibility between the heart line types.

COURSE COMPLETION: When you finish this course, you will receive a completion badge. Completion badges can help you work towards hand analysis certification as we release those courses and additional benefits and discounts when offered.

Lesson Navigation

At the bottom of each lesson page is the lesson navigation area.

You are required to mark each lesson as complete, before moving to the next lesson. This is a self-directed course – if you cheat and skip lessons, you cheat… yourself.

When a lesson is marked complete, the Next Lesson button will be available.

You can return to previous lessons within a lesson page.

Lesson Format

Each lesson will feature a class video. Most lessons include a pdf version of the lesson content, which can viewed in the lesson page – options include printing and downloading of the file.