“The hand reading with Baeth was the best investment of money I have made this year.

The reading was enormously insightful and clarified so many issues I am dealing with.

Baeth also gave me a direction, something I needed to help me focus and I am sure I will be
going back to the recording many times over to ensure that I use all the invaluable information she gave me.

Her reading was life-changing.”

~ Sonika Marcia Ozdoba

About Baeth

For the past 18 years, Baeth’s entire focus has been on this one thing
and one thing only: helping you and thousands of entrepreneurs discover
their Life Purposes and get paid for their passions through a
breakthrough, time-proven system called “Scientific Hand Analysis.”

Baeth then helps you monetize Your Purpose so that you can
get PAID FOR YOUR PASSIONS and “BE – as Gandhi said –
the change you wish to see in the world.”

Isn’t it time you experienced “Right Work for Right Pay?”

Baeth’s unique form of spiritual teaching balances metaphysical
spirituality (defining and understanding Your Purpose as you came here to live it)
with real-world business skills that include:

  • Identifying your business NICHE (what you are good at – your specialty!)
  • Designating your ideal CLIENTS and target market (who want what you have)
  • Creating a unique, memorable BRAND (staying ‘top of mind’ with your clients and customers)
  • Mapping out a customized, step-by-step BUSINESS PLAN (staying organized and on-track)
  • Implementing a strategic MARKETING PLAN (staying in touch!)
  • Sharing “Your Purpose” for profit and passion (making a difference DOING WHAT YOU LOVE!).

This combination helps you accelerate your success as an entrepreneur and
PROFITABLY bring YOUR authentic Purpose to full expression.

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About JoAnn

Our personal journey begins the moment we take our first breath. Along this journey, we uncover layer by layer who we are meant to be.  The deep meditative questions, the silent moments of reflection, the heartfelt prayers, the heartaches, pains and struggles but most of all, the gratitude for it all, are the pieces we need to grow spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally on this journey.

JoAnn is a master at helping people along their personal journey. She has experienced much on her own journey, many times through kicking and screaming, although this is not always recommended- but at times, unavoidable.  She understands the spiritual and emotional anguish of not living an authentic life and uses her tools to help her clients recognize how they can move through their spiritual crisis of meaning to a life in alignment with the realization of who they really are.

JoAnn uses Scientific Hand Analysis as an avenue to reach to that inner part of us. The part that might be hiding for fear of being exposed, seen or rejected. She helps her clients recognize that which is ready to be revealed and compassionately holds the space for them to align with the energy of their own authentic power.

JoAnn also holds certifications as a Spiritual Master Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, NLP Coach and Practitioner and Time Line Therapy. Her years of studies and practice have come together beautifully to have a tremendous impact on her clients who are searching for spiritual meaning, understanding and self love.

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How to Make A Hand Print

  • Palmistry as a form of divination emerged in India over 5,000 years ago
  • Hand analysis is a combination of ancient palmistry, the latest scientific data and current advances in human psychology and philosophy
  • Hand analysis is NOT predictive (I can’t tell you how many children you’re going to have or when you’re going to meet that tall, dark stranger.)
  • Hand analysis is a repeatable system, based upon thousands of hands studied
  • Hand analysis can be learned, like learning to read or play a musical instrument
  • Hand analysis does not require psychic ability


What Can I Learn in a Hand Analysis Session?

Your hands reveal two key areas of information: your fingerprints and the lines on your palms.

  • Your fingerprints reveal your Life Purpose (your area of greatest potential and fulfillment) and your Life Lesson (your ‘shadow’ self seeking conscious awareness in order for your Life Purpose to manifest)
  • Your fingerprints formed when you were in utero between the 14th and 16th week of development and do not change
  • Your fingerprints are an energy wave imprint of your soul’s assignment: what you are here on Earth to learn in order to manifest your life purpose
  • Identical twins have different fingerprints – fingerprints are not based entirely upon DNA
  • Scientific discoveries in the last 100 years reveal that the lines on your hands are a map of the major neural pathways of your brain – lines can change
  • The lines in your palms reveal your unique style of feeling, thinking, behaving,and communicating as well as your special gifts (such as writing, healing or teaching), your career path and your physical stamina level

By looking at the lines on your palms, I can determine where you are experiencing both success and resistance in relationship to your Life Purpose and Life Lesson right now. Everything on your palms is decoded in terms of now – rather than the past or future.
What Are the Benefits of Hand Analysis?

  • Know your Life Purpose and live it
  • Know your Life Lesson and learn from it
  • Create financial security by living your Life Purpose (it’s time to get PAID for your PASSIONS!)
  • Manifest specific dreams and goals
  • Understand your career path and how to walk it
  • Understand your relationship issues and heal them
  • Know your body’s stamina level and maintain it
  • Discover greater compassion for yourself and others
  • Deepen your spiritual connection and discover grace
  • Increase your intuition and self-confidence


Can You Predict My Future?

No. The stereotypical image of a turbaned Gypsy with big hoop earrings (and I love hoop earrings!) staring into her crystal ball in order to predict your future does a disservice to both palmists and to Gypsies, a group of people still in existence today.I read everything in your palms in terms of your life RIGHT NOW. Your palms reveal your behaviors over time. Past behavior is often a good indicator of future probabilities. However, that being said, you have free will. Because of our ability to choose, we can transcend our past behavior from a desire to change and create greater fulfillment in our lives.I can see patterns, trends and probabilities. As a non-predictive palmist, I help you jump start your own spiritual evolution by bringing consciousness to these patterns, trends and probabilities. We can look at where you are stuck and where you WANT to be. Are you using your gifts? Are you fully showing up in your relationships? Are you communicating your inner truth? Your hands reveal insights to these questions.