Adam Lamb, Author, An Initiated Man, Finally

This Week’s Purpose Profile:
Adam Lamb, Author, An Initiated Man, Finally

Type: Generator
Profile: 2/4
Authority: Emotional ~ Solar Plexus
Strategy: To Respond

Above is Adam Lamb’s Human Design chart. Every human has a chart available to them, determined by the time, location and date of their birth.

Today I’m going to focus on Adam’s 2/4 Profile.

Your Human Design “Profile” is an aspect of your Life Purpose.

If you look at Adam’s chart above, you’ll notice the four top numbers circled in red. After the decimal points, you’ll see either a 2 or a 4. These represent lines in the hexagram, of which there are always six lines.

You can determine your profile type by looking at the first row of numbers and then the numbers after the decimal points. The numbers after the decimal points determine your Profile type.

Imagine the 6 lines as part of a house:

1st line: basement/foundation
2nd line: first floor
3rd line: second floor
4th line: third floor
5th line: attic
6th line: the roof

Adam’s conscious line is a “2.” The 2 is the first floor of the house. Everyone can see in, but Adam doesn’t know what people are seeing. For example, he might be naked, cooking in the kitchen at dusk,  and he’s forgotten to draw the shades. The neighbors see in,  but he doesn’t notice.

Others see his enormous cornucopia of talents – but he doesn’t necessarily see them, acknowledge them nor know how many talents he has. Because he doesn’t see all his gifts, he has to be “called out” by others to utilize them.

The 2 line is called “the Hermit.” A 2/4 needs enormous amounts of alone time to develop his or her abilities.

It’s so fun seeing and acknowledging a 2/4. They just light up when they are acknowledged and called out by authentic observations and compliments.

And yet… they come alive when they are out and about with the networks of people they know and love. This is the 4th line energy at work.

Adam’s unconscious line is a “4.” The 4 is the third floor of the house. To see that floor, you need either be a member of Adam’s family or part of his close inner circle to gain access. His opportunities happen on this special third floor. In other words, Adam’s best opportunities come from within his networks, NOT strangers.

His new book, An Initiate Man, Finally, is one of Adam’s many creative expressions. He shares about how his spiritual journey Allowed him to step into his power in the world. His close Circle of friends have helped promote the book to the

Level of international bestseller. Go HERE to get you copy for 99 cents.

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