A Projector’s Nightmare

A Projector’s Nightmare

Observing the Your Purpose Community this week, the topic has been “power.” Power struggles, power give-aways and power assertions.

When you are dancing with a partner, it’s a lovely feeling when they meet your hands with equal force and pressure. But if their touch is limp and soft, you might stumble and feel untrusting. If their touch is too forceful, you might feel disregarded, out of sync, overwhelmed, frustrated.

Mind the Goldilock’s Rule: “Not too much, not too little. Just right.”

Our Purpose Profile this week, Sean Stewart, is a “Projector” in Human Design. Projectors are 21% of the population. They struggle mightily claiming and using their power because they are designed to “wait for the invitation.” Their passive design comes alive when they are invited. President Barak Obama is a Projector as is Mick Jagger, lead singer of The Rolling Stones.

Can you imagine the bitterness of seeking acknowledgement only to be rebuffed if you haven’t “waited to be invited” to speak?

Projectors can only fulfill their purpose by interacting with others, especially Generators who invite them to relationships, opportunities, parties, jobs, etc.

But Projectors often get so bitter from the rejection that they isolate instead of reaching out and this leads to even more bitterness! Bitterness is the “Not Self Theme” of the Projector. Your “Not Self” is like your Life Lesson in hand analysis – it tests you to find your Master Path through life.

Check out more about Sean’s journey as a Projector in this weeks’ issue.

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This Week’s Profile

Name: Sean Stewart
Creator and Host of the upcoming LIVE Event, ROCK YOUR GIFT
(April 12-14, San Diego, CA)

Type: Projector

Profile: 3 / 5

Inner Authority: Splenic

Strategy: Wait for the Invitation

Not Self Theme: Bitterness

Signature: Success

As a 3/5 Profile Projector, Sean had to bumble and stumble a bit through the first third of his life, figuring out what works and what doesn’t. This is the energy of the third line… trial and error.

Once he emerges from the dust, he is designed to share what he has learned – to universalize his heresy. Heresy is the work of the fifth line. Sean is designed to rock people with the hard and humorous  truths he’s discovered in life. He oughta know… he is designed to teach what his life has shown him – and help others avoid similar errors.

Sean’s Inner Authority is “Splenic.” Splenic people are the most intuitive people on the planet… when they trust it. Their spleen spits out truth through the five senses, moment by moment. However, once a truth comes, it goes away just as quickly. If Sean walks into a restaurant and something smells funny, he is wise to walk back out to avoid potential food poisoning. The splenic person has a keen nose and sense for what is healthy for the body and what is not.

Now let’s talk about the “Projector’s Nightmare.”

Projectors are designed to wait for the invitation and then check in with their inner authority to decide if they want to accept or decline the invitation.

However, the design of Projectors is fairly open and this makes them prone to conditioning. Much of the modern world conditioning tells us that we have to ‘make it happen’ and ‘go get it’ and ‘work, work, work’ to make anything happen.

Ironically, Projectors aren’t designed to work that hard – they are here to guide the work of others with their wise guidance. Generators and Manifesting Generators make up 70% of the population and they LIKE to work – they are designed to work and work and work until they collapse into a heap, sleep it off and wake up the next day to get after it again. When a Projector takes a Generator approach, they become burned out, bitter and resentful.

The bitterness of the Projector is the Projector’s Nightmare. Worse, try telling a Projector they need to get out there and mingle. They will tend to just hide away further.

This was happening to Sean. He was trying to keep up with the Generators around him and achieve results in the hard driving way they did. It was draining his body, his bank account and his self-esteem.

Fed up, he started to follow his strategy of waiting for the invitation and waiting for a splenic ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to accept or decline said invitation. People around him started suggesting he bring his musical abilities to the stage along with his sales skills and create a combo experience for his attendees.

And now, he’s doing just that with his Rock Your Gift Event! He’s out of the nightmare and living his true soul signature, “Success.”

What are your thoughts? Feel free to leave them below.

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