Baeth Davis will literally knock your socks off with her knowledge and exceptional hand analysis skills! … After one session with Baeth, my whole out attitude and perspective about my life choices had drastically changed for the better.

– Michelle Dawnn — Visionary Coach

Experiencing Baeth in an intimate group is fiery, fierce, fun AND fundamental. The way you narratively and financially re-frame people’s businesses, and pinpoint their purpose through their hands — plus your powerhouse intuition — is nothing short of astonishing.

– Rachel Resnick — Writing Mentor

Few words can describe the profound effect meeting Baeth Davis had on my life. If you have been drawn to getting support from her I would urge you to trust your intuition and just do it. …. She helped me get back in my body, own my power, step up and realise my life purpose, not only that she helped me to make money doing what I love.

– Katharine Dever – Writer & Transformation Expert

Baeth is an incredible spiritual guide and I have raved about her incessantly. Her generous, direct support has been instrumental in supporting me as I step into this new season of my life. I feel truly blessed and integrated with my purpose in a way that I have never experienced before. Working with Baeth has been the missing link for me on so many levels.

– Laura Gisborne

It was an amazing experience to uncover so many things about myself and the people I know and love.  I find it so much fun using the training materials to validate the things I already knew about some people, as well as discovering new things about some of these folks. To all that have received hand readings from me so far – this work opens the doors to pure joy!  I discovered so much from Baeth’s training that I have read over 100 hands now and have made back more than my investment in her program in just 3 months!!! I would recommend this intensive to anyone who wants to develop a career or a hobby or even just for self discovery. Information is accurate and profound and Baeth is eloquent at delivering the information in an easy-to-understand manner.

– Melissa Kirk