I feel a Money RANT coming on

It seems my propensity to rant is encouraged. Friends and clients ask for them… and sometimes, the rant comes towards me and out of me like a bullet train. Today my rant is about “monetizing your Life Purpose.” If you want to catch more of my rant and Q&A session happening today at 10 am […]

your blindspot is your ally

In your fingerprints lives what is known as your “Soul’s Agenda.” There are three components to your soul’s agenda: Your Life School, Your Life Purpose and Your Life Lesson. In this article, part three in a 4-part series, we are going to explore your “Life Lesson” – also known as your blindspot – and how […]

Your Life School is HOW You Operate

This is article two in a 4-part series about your “Soul’s Agenda” as identified in your fingerprints. Your “Soul’s Agenda” is what your soul came to Earth to accomplish, ideally with the cooperation of your personality. Sadly, some folks never know what their soul came here to do… but not YOU! Your Soul’s Agenda has […]

Your Life Purpose is NON-Negotiable

This article is the first in a 4-part series I’ve written on your Soul’s Agenda as decoded from your fingerprints. Enjoy! “Your Life Purpose: An Essential Key to Your Business Success” By Baeth Davis, The Palm Pilot for the Soul of Your Business ™ Expressing you Life Purpose is the most important action you can […]

[Baeth’s VIDEO Tip] energy leak in the hands?

We are so glad to have your presence in the Your Purpose Community! In the past 30 days, over 6500 people have joined us! If you are one them, thank YOU for taking a risk to know and live your purpose. I’ve decided to change my online magazine format to a bi-weekly hand analysis video (2 to […]